Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Budgeting for Walt Disney World Resort Souvenirs

As you can imagine, I am asked a LOT of questions about Walt Disney World Resort – and I love it. I can talk Disney all day! One of the popular questions I receive is – “How much should we bring for Souvenirs?” This is a fantastic question! I also am sorry to tell you - I have no answer.

Many first-time visitors are surprised how many shops are located on property, and become quickly impressed with the variety of merchandise available. You can have a practically perfect visit staying out of the shops if you wish and enjoy all the attractions and shows Walt Disney World Resort has to offer - OR you could shop until you drop! Below are some favorite souvenirs purchased by myself and my Disney BFF’s.

Can you spot the souvenir below? My dear friend Andrea Updyke from Just is a Four Letter Word added a set of jail keys from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction to her decor. A great way to sneak a bit of Disney into your home.

My girl Brandy B. loves PURSES (who doesn't?), dresses, and more. Even her darling daughters have their favorite finds!

Kathy K. loves window shopping and took home a pretty silly hat! How cute is the fridge frame?

There is even jewelry! Anne B. loves her Alex and Ani while Amy S. shares my addiction of Disney Parks exclusive Pandora!

My favorite souvenirs are my Mickey trivet (awesome to keep on the counter to set hot pans) and my Mickey glasses. P.S. Don't wash Mickey glasses in the dishwasher. Poor Mickey is missing half his head in many places. Oops.

As you can see – you could spend as much on goodies as you did on your entire trip! So how many Benjamins should you bring to spend on Souvenirs? My answer is to bring as much as you would like to budget for your treasures. For my own boys, they ask for Disney Gift cards for Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, etc. They save them up all year for our annual visits. However much they have in gift cards is their souvenir budget! Before your trip, you can log onto the Disney Gift Card website and consolidate many smaller gift cards onto one card. Before our arrival, we explain to the boys that their gift card funds are all they have for souvenirs. When they run out, they do not get anything more from mom or dad. As your child uses their gift card(s) the balance remaining is shown right on their receipt. I have found that when my boys are given the chance to manage their own money, they (sometimes) make smarter purchasing decisions. This has been working great for us for many years.

Excited about the gift card idea? Well then hold on to your britches, I am about to BLOW YOUR MIND! You can purchase Disney Gift cards at Target using your Target Red Card. Do you realize what that means? You will save 5% on your souvenirs. BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE! You can purchase more than Mickey Ears and cute T-Shirts with Disney gift cards. You can also use them for dining and even to pay for your vacation packages! You will be saving money before you even arrive. This is also a great way to save for a vacation. Each trip you make to Target, pick up a gift card!

What is your ‘must-have’ Disney Souvenir? Post in the comments below!


  1. You have quite complete Disney souvenirs. I can't imagine if I go to Disney World. I will also get myself Disney Souvenirs as many as I can. They are so cute!

  2. Whenever I go to Disney I ALWAYS get snow globes. I have quite a few. I just noticed that one of my expensive musical one is broken. It was a limited edition one too and I'm wondering if there's any way it can be fixed. The kids aren't allowed to touch my globes but my little missy might have. We always end up spending way more than we want to and I love that idea of the gift cards.

    1. Is it the music box part that is broken? Call a local clock shop, they may be able to repair the movement.

  3. This post is very helpful, as I've never been to America and used dollars - shows me how much these goodies cost! Love the dress :)

  4. This will be so helpful for all the Disney travelers this summer. Especially those that are going for the first time.

  5. I always soak up as much information as I can about traveling to Disney because I know there are ways to save money and get the most out of the experience. This is invaluable information.