Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Paleo Hamburger Salsa - The Fastest and Easisest Dinner you will Ever Make

It's hump day!!  Que the camel. Finally we are on the downward slide of the week. I am tired. I did NOT want to make dinner tonight. Mr. Incredible will usually make something but we both were just - blah. I didn't want to order food because for one thing - I can't eat anything that is driven to my home. For another - the boys eat so much and we all eat dinner leftovers for lunch the next day so it is like ordering for 10 instead of 4. That adds up and momma has Disney trips to pay for. Not happening. Time to call in my emergency back-up dinner - Hamburger Salsa!

Anyone who knows me knows that I can cook up a storm. From Mexican to Italian to Greek - just tell me what you want and I will whip it up. Just not tonight. Please. 

Tonight is Hamburger Salsa. Nothing to measure, prepare, chop, or watch. The only dishes you will have is the pot, whatever you use to break up the meat, plates and utensils. This is the simplest of meals my friends. It may even be easier than calling your local pizza joint. Here is what you need:

1.5 lbs ground beef (ground turkey or chicken would work too if you prefer)
16 oz of your favorite paleo friendly salsa - mild, medium or hot depending on your family's preference
tortilla chips for dipping (omit if you want to keep this paleo)

Brown the beef. Drain. Add Salsa.


My oldest likes to add shredded cheese and sour cream so it is more like a cheater chili. (Also, obviously, not paleo toppings.) I made him shred his own cheese. Did I mention I was feeling lazy?

My kids love it. They are sad when they eat it all!

What is your weeknight easy go-to dinner?


  1. What a delicious and easy recipe! I think this would be great and everyone could add their own toppings.

  2. That looks yummy - and your poor kiddo looks pitiful LOL Our weeknight easy go-to dinner is the Chinese restaurant up the road, HA!!!

  3. Our quick supper is sandwiches or throw a pizza in the oven. Simple is the best!

  4. Ooooo can we say yum!!?! I bet this would be a hit with the fam! Must make

  5. Now this truly is easy! Even my teenage son can do this and I might actually have him do this for our Taco Tuesday dinner. After all he has nothing else better to do. :)