Friday, July 15, 2016

Signs You May Be a Walt Disney World Addict

Do you think you may be a Walt Disney World Addict?
Here are some signs you should watch out for!

You are planning our next Walt Disney World visit while visiting Walt Disney World.

You have a basket of Disney World Hotel toiletries.

Your Walt Disney World souvenirs double as home decor. 

You tell people to 'Have a magical day!'.

 When waiting in long lines, you whisper to your kids: 'I should have gotten a FastPass for this!'.

 You never fully unpack from one visit to the next. 

 Your countdown calendar is always counting down. 

 You check the current wait times. 
At Home. From your couch. Just because. 

 You have a section of your closet dedicated to your many boxes of MagicBands. 

 You sing along to the hold music when calling Walt Disney World. 

 You know what "Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas." 
 means (even if you don't know any other Spanish). 

 Your toddler doesn't understand why characters do not come to 
the table when you dine at the pizza joint down the street. 

You compare large expenses to what you COULD have used that money on - at Disney.
 Example: 'The car repairs cost as much a 5 day park hopper!'. 

 Your children call the employees at the grocery store 'Cast Members'. 

 You have a large collection of Disney refillable mugs that you never use, but just can't part with. 

If you experience these symptoms, you very well may just be a Walt Disney World addict.
 If you or a loved one suffers from this addiction, the only cure is . . .  MORE DISNEY!

For a Walt Disney World addict it is never 'goodbye'. Instead, it is 'see ya real soon'!

Which of these symptoms do you have? Let's discuss - comment below! 
We are all here to support enable one another.


  1. I'm laughing at a few of them because they sound almost like me. I was planning my next Disney trip while at Disney Paris just a few months ago and we're heading to Disneyland in just a few short weeks. I think I'm actually more excited than the kids. :)

  2. OM Gosh! I was laughing through that whole list! I love how I've found friends who are like-minded and just "get it." LOL! Great list, Rachel! Thanks for making me smile today!

  3. Hrm... According to this post, while I may not be a Disney World addict yet, I am definitely on my way. I LOVE getting pins.

  4. This is so spunky! I love it. I'm not a WDWorld addict yet...but I am a LAND addict. 50% there!

  5. I am well on my way to being an addict. I am only an hour drive from Disney and I go several times a year.

  6. I think I'm guilty of all of these. I especially love checking wait times :)

  7. lol at the list. I keep the mug too. No way they're going anywhere. :)

  8. I am not an addict yet. We are going there in a year or so and I bet I will be an addict then!

  9. I love Disney World so much, but I don't think I am in to getting in to an addicted stage. But with kids around we have started visiting regularly & I fear I might become one!

  10. Hahaha I'm a Disney addict! I lived in Orlando for 8 years and pretty much lived at the parks!

  11. Oh yea, you are addicted! lol I've never been to Disney but I'm sure if I did, I would be hooked too!