Tuesday, October 11, 2016

No Time to Vote? Vote Early!

Like ALL moms - my time is limited. There is a lot us moms sacrifice for the better of our family to allocate more time to them. When is the last time I had lunch with friends? I have turned down taking fun classes and many a girl's night out. Hobbies have been put on the back burner (do I even know HOW to scrapbook anymore?), and skipping out on a Saturday run I was looking forward to is common. It's all in a day's work when you have a family that needs you. But - what about voting?

Up until August 20th, 1920 women in American did not have a voice as to how their country was run. The women who made it possible for me to fill in a circle and have a say in my country's future fought hard for me to have the ability to do so. I not only vote because I am a woman, but I also vote because I am an American. Thousands of other Americans spanning many generations have given so much so you and I can enjoy the freedoms we have today. Some have even given the ultimate sacrifice - for you!

But now . . . back to that pesky thing of time. The U.S 2016 Presidential Election Day is one day. On November 8th, 2016 millions of Americans will be flocking to their designated polling place. There will be parking spots to find and lines to wait in - some may be very long. If you are working full time, it may be difficult to get to the polls depending on your work shift. This is especially true for people like me who commute to work and can't just run over on a lunch break. Employers are required to give employees time to vote and if you commute you may be eligible for even more time. This is not always the best solution - I know I don't want to drive to work, drive back into my city to vote, then drive back to work. Also depending on what your day looks like, it isn't always easy to leave something that requires your attention. (If my brain is being operated on Election Day, I would be grateful if my surgeon did not leave.) Even if your schedule allows you to vote after work; there is still dinner to be made, homework tears, sports, lessons, and baths. Or, what if you won't even be in your home state? This year, I will be flying home from Florida on Election Day. What if my flight is delayed or cancelled? Or if it is on time - I will be exhausted.

There is a solution! Many states offer early voting. Many do not know this is available to ANYONE who is a registered voter. You do not have to provide proof or documentation explaining why you cannot make it to the polls on Election Day. You can even vote if you can easily make it on Election Day.  Simply arrive during the dates and times of your designated early voting location, show your ID if your state requires it (make sure it isn't expired!), and place your vote. There was no waiting at all when I voted this morning! At my polling place, we then fold our ballot and seal it in an envelope. The voter signs, and a voting official also signs. On Election Day poll workers will open the envelopes and scan in the ballots. Other municipalities' procedures may differ. 

That's it! No excuses. See if your community offers early voting and get out there!


  1. I'm not American but I think voting is so important and early voting makes it so much easier for all people to make it in. If you are able to vote get out there!

  2. Please vote, regardless of whom you are voting for. Exercise your rights! I agree, vote early v. not voting at all!

  3. Good to know that there are schedules for early voting. I hate waiting in line (my pet peeve). I will check if this is available in our area.

  4. This is really good information. I am going to definitely do my voting early if possible!

  5. I had heard something about this on TV the other day and was like what the heck? But then I checked out your list here and realized my state doesn't do it which is why I had NO IDEA!! Good job spreading the word about this though!

  6. Its nice that there are different ways to get a vote in. Not every one can make it to the election booths in the given time frame.