Friday, November 11, 2016

Disney Wine & Dine 10K - I DID IT!

It finally arrived. The moment you all have been waiting for and the event I have been training for since August. This past weekend I spent an AMAZING time with many of my dearest friends - and I also ran 6.21371 miles through Epcot. Because, why not?

Team Disney Parks Moms Panel!

Being with my friends, I got 3 or 4 hours of sleep the night before. Apparently I am a real party animal. Who knew?!?! I can't remember exactly how much sleep . . . but we were up at 3:30 a.m. and out the door at 4 a.m. I put up my hair, brushed my teeth, put on deodorant, and grabbed some water. I really contemplated sleeping in my running clothes the night before. But really - what is 3 more minutes of sleep when you are on almost none?

Seriously, how do they look so good so early?!

We arrived at Epcot in no time, and woke ourselves up during the long walk from the parking lot to the starting line. We met up with other friends and had a good time laughing, taking pictures, looking at all the fun signs and costumes, and wondering out-loud to each other - WHAT THE HECK ARE WE DOING?! Also, guys. My friends look AMAZING in the morning. 

I do not know this girl, but I LOVE her sign!
Finally it was time to get in our 'corrals'. Yup, just like a bunch of sheep. We were the very last corral to start the race so we spent 50 minutes standing on blacktop. This is where the 'Oh S*^t' thoughts started creeping in. I went from social and giggling to stone silent. Also, standing on blacktop for 50 minutes really kills the lower back! I ended up sitting down. It was awesome to have close friends during that 50 minutes - without them I most likely would have fled!

In the corral! That is me on the far left trying not to spew. 
And then all of a sudden - "BANG!". The race was on and chit chat time was over! There were 7 of us that started off together. My friend Lynne set the pace using a programmed app she had been training with. We ran 30 seconds and walked for 60 seconds. (She slipped in a few 45 minute runs without me knowing. I forgive her. Now.) We started off GREAT, but about a half mile in, it was becoming difficult to run with a group of 7 in the mass crowd that was corral E. We split up 3, 2, and 2. I was in the group of 3 with Lynne and Amy. 

Just before the 1 mile mark, we turned a sharp corner and ended up running parallel the opposite way to those who were behind us. This is where we saw The Balloon Ladies. They sure seemed nice enough, but their gold balloons were taunting me. Run faster - you have to get away from these guys!

So much sweat. Eww.

I continued like a trooper and did not sit out a single run. It was very difficult to run with so many people around. We would joke when it was time to run and yell 'Find your hole!'. The 3 of us would scatter like cockroaches after you flip on the light and try our best to squeeze in where we could and then meet up for our walk. 

I am still surprised how easy miles 1-4 were. I wasn't tired. In fact, we were dancing around while we ran and were laughing it up. There were Disney characters you could stop and meet. And wait in line for. But  . . . NOPE! This was not happy fun time. This was serious! Sorta . . . 

Is this supposed to be hard or something?
And then - mile 5 happened. 

Put a fork in me folks, I am DONE!
I did GREAT until about mile 5. I wanted to kill my sweet friend Lynne. Mile 5 me is NOT NICE! While training, I never pushed past mile 5. As soon as I saw that mile 5 marker, I think my brain was playing tricks on me. "You can't do this! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? We never did this before. STOP! Just stop. Let's have some water and get a Dole Whip. You deserve a Dole Whip Maybe even a Mickey ice cream bar. Come on, you know you want to stop. Your friend Lynne is CRAY CRAY! Why we are running AGAIN?!?!" My brain is an ass. This internal struggle went on until we were storming the Phoenicians and ran past Spaceship Earth (AKA the giant golf ball). And then my mind quieted itself. At this point, I KNEW we were almost done and that finish line was just around the corner.

I still want to die, but I JUST passed Spaceship Earth - the end is near!
And then - there it was. THE FINISH LINE! The other two decided to run full out as soon as we saw it. WHAT?!?! Guys, wait up! I wanted so badly to finish with them and get that pic of all of us completing the race together. So - I kicked it up a notch. And I ran. I swear it was 2 minutes straight. Maybe even an hour. My heart was pounding out of my chest and I could hardly breathe. I am not sure if it was excitement, adrenaline, or if I was really running that hard. Did you read the book Stone Fox in grade school? I was SURE my heart was going to explode at the finish line. And so then that though was now also in my mind. Alas, my heart did not explode. I finished that race and I finished with my amigas. And it was GLORIOUS. 

I hugged Lynne and Amy and we cried together. I gave Lynne a big 'ol kiss on the cheek. Oh I hated her, but I couldn't have done it without her. And then . . . I got the bling. My sweet, glorious medal. 

WEEEEEE are the champions, my friends . . . 

We then got our water and 'snack box'. I chugged my H20 and had my picture taken. Nope, I don't care HOW MUCH like hell I looked. This is my most favorite picture EVER. 

We waited a bit to cool off, calm down, wait for the other 5 friends who were right behind us so we could all celebrate together. YAY US!

As we stood around I wiped some sweat off my forehead and I felt grittiness. Like sand or dirt. I looked at my hand and . . . was that salt?? Sure enough I put my tongue to these white crystals and I TASTED DELICIOUS! I was sweating salt. I started to panic, but nobody else seemed concerned. So I tried to be cool and not act like my body was going to collapse into a puddle.

In all the excitement, I forgot this was still going for a good 3 minutes after the race!

Once back at the hotel my dear friend Anne made us a GIANT PLATE OF BACON! Do I have the best friends in the entire world or what? 

Need to replace that salt I lost!
Finally, I took the most refreshing shower in my life. I earned that shower. We headed over to 1900 Park Fare for a very late (11:30) breakfast. All I wanted was Mickey waffles and a hug from Pooh. Lucky me - I got both!

So snugly!

No waffles are not paleo. No I did not care. They were delicious. 

What is a girl to do then after running over 6 miles on 3 hours of sleep after being awake since 3:30 in the morning? Play at Walt Disney World until midnight of course, duh. I was living on pixie dust and ibuprofen that day, let me tell you!

I do wish I would have trained more. I would have loved to run the entire thing. I feel like I still reached a huge accomplishment. In August I couldn't even run to the end of the driveway without getting winded. And yet here I am. A 'runner'. And it feels pretty gosh darn good.

All it took was a little faith, trust, and pixie dust! Also, ibuprofen and stretching. 

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  1. Your friend Lynne sounds like a real slave driver. ;P (PS: YAY YOU!! So proud of you and proud to have run that race with you!!)

  2. What a great post! So happy for you (I thank the Phonexians!)

  3. Loved your recap! Wish I could have been there to chEAR you on.