Tuesday, July 10, 2018

How to Stress yourself out during your Walt Disney World Vacation

I have been helping others plan their Walt Disney World vacations as a friend for years. Then, as a member of the 2015 Disney Parks Moms Panel. Most recently, I have been a travel agent for 3 years. I can plan a trip in 30 minutes if need be and can answer almost every question from 'What is a FastPass?' to 'Is the Dining Plan worth it for me?'

I understand that to a first-time visitor, Walt Disney World can be very intimidating. It is so very large and there is so much to do. Add in cranky kids (and adults!), long lines, etc. - and it is easy to start wondering to yourself "WHAT ON EARTH HAVE I DONE?"

If you LOVE stress and are a glutton for punishment - do these things!

You over-scheduled your day. If you plan out every minute of every day, you are setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. You will have set times for dining reservations and FastPass+ selections. Still, allow yourself some flexibility in-between these things. Unexpected things can happen. Lines will run longer than expected.  Your princess may need to use the bathroom more than you anticipated - or at the worst times! Or your prince may be STARVING when you planned on floating down the Nile on The Jungle Cruise. It is OK!

You expect everything to be perfect. I understand this and I myself am guilty of this from time to time. You expect magic and pixie dust around every corner - and that is OK! But sometimes things go wrong. A lost camera, a little one has a meltdown, your husband came down with the flu. In situations like this, a 'go with the flow' attitude and some positivity can go a long way. This too shall pass and you can get right back into having fun without missing a beat if you don't dwell on the negative.

You expect too much. You are not going to spend the night in Cinderella Castle. (If you do, call me up and I will keep you company!) Your daughter will not be chosen to lead a parade down Main Street, U.S.A. no matter who you talk to. Mickey Mouse will not be coming to your hotel room to wake up your son on his birthday. Magical and unexpected things can and do happen - but they also may not.

You panic over how much 'this all cost you'. Oh my goodness gracious, do I get this. Believe it or not, we are a very frugal family. We rarely go out to eat and we do not even go to the local county fair because it is too costly. However, I  believe we are getting a phenomenal value from our  Walt Disney World vacations. I know we will be taken care of. If something goes wrong, it will be fixed. We will never be 'bored'. We will have fun. And the memories we are making together are priceless! Try not to dwell on the dollar and live within the moment. If you wish to know exactly how much your trip will cost you in advance, the Disney Dining Plan is perfect for you. All your meals are pre-paid and there will be no surprises!

You don't ask for help. If something does go wrong while you are visiting Walt Disney World - it is OK to ask for help! Disney Cast Members are amazing at making things right. They help weary vacationers all day every day. Perhaps your meal wasn't quite what you expected. Or you have no idea where the restaurant is and your dinner reservation was 5 minutes ago. What if you can't find the specific plush Olaf your son saw on day one that he HAS to bring home. Ask your nearest Cast Member for help!

You let other guests get under your skin. Another lesson I have had to learn! There will be many many other families in the Theme Parks with you. Most of them are lovely people that you may even get a chance to talk to while you are in line for a ride or waiting for a parade. Yet, there will be some poor souls that did not read my advice before arriving -  and those dear things are stressed. They are crabby. They may take it out on you. Breathe in, breathe out, and Hakuna Matata! Elsa that and Let It Go! Let your conscience be your guide and don't let that negativity in.

Have a wonderful vacation and enjoy making memories!


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